Tribute of Life – a seminar the like of which has never existed before.
May 2016

I know that many people say that, but I am convinced of it: Such a seminar doesn´t exist on the seminar market.

Last year I had the honour to meet Dr. Bianka Carstens. She is what can only be explained with quantum physics. Bianca can find blockages in humans as well as in animals in seconds, reliably and without a doubt, using kinesiological methods and quantum physics.

What is about is much more than a simple diagnosis. The goal is healing and dissolving deep seated problems and blockages. She is a luminary in her field and travels around half the world to heal humans and animals.

As nutrition, exercise, relaxation and mental training are also necessary to lead a free and healthy life, we have succeeded in creating a 3 day seminar where all participants, no matter where their areas of improvement and their challenges lie, will be able to regain their balance.

I am very proud of this seminar. My mission and my vocation are still to help people lastingly. Shortcuts like diets or the fight against symptoms by suppressing them short term, don´t get you anywhere.

This seminar is the bridge between the dissolution of deep seated programs and the creation of a healthy and energetic body.