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Kerstin Hardt lives a 100% what she promises. It is not only noticable when watching her, the audience can also experience it live in her seminars and lectures.

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Tribute of life

3 unforgettable days
„The Tribute of Life“
The intensive seminar Tribute of Life takes you on a journey to your innermost blockages – unconscious as well as conscious, or those which have been created by external circumstances. A journey, where you will find the most diverse solutions.

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Customer reviews

An extremely inspiring seminar – I was not the only one to be shaken up. Entertaining, enthralling and very motivating. For once this was not the usual „blah, blah“ but content which you can implement. Very good.
Christopher Torben, District Manager – R+V Insurances

A very successful and lasting seminar, informative and entertaining. We still talk about the day and the insights we gained. Since then much has changed, everybody is now paying a lot more attention to what the eat and their health in general.
Stefan Kirsch & Frank Jäger – Accountants

Dear Kerstin,
we liked the seminar a lot! It was very informative and entertaining for me and corresponds to my thoughts and intuitive opinion. I have never heard it put into words like Saturday. Many thanks!
Andreas Korb, Financial Expert

Dear Kerstin,
I like the seminar very much! I have listened carefully the whole time, didn´t let my thoughts wander. I wanted to dive into what you said and I have succeeded throughout the seminar thanks to your personality and your amazing way of transporting knowledge. I am really happy to have come to know you! Claudia, my girl friend, was also very enthusiastic about you!! After the seminar we felt like after a two week´s holiday! Many thanks for that!
A. Stotz, Golf Trainer, Coach

Many thanks, dear Kerstin,
we feel both still carried away by the knowledge which you transported and want to use the verve we acquired during the seminar to change a few things. Many, many thanks for the experience on Saturday!
Gosch Car Body Works

Hi, dear Kerstin,
many thanks for the great seminar. As usual it was a great pleasure to listen to you. One always receives new input and learns new things from you. I am so motivated and positive that I can´t wait to implement new things. Many thanks. You are absolutely great!
Anja H., Nurse

Dear Kerstin,
I want to thank you once more for your magnificent seminar. I am not tiring listening to you and if the seminar was even two hours longer, I still wouldn´t be thinking „hopefully it will be finished soon“. Great stuff! Because of your friendly and factual manner I can now understand what it means to be „in accordance with nature“ and the interaction with the universe.
Many thanks and greetings from the Westerwald
Claudia Frank, Retail Sales

The presentation of your seminar was world class. Entertaining, peppered with scientific facts and examples with indication of source, perfect rhetoric, compelling, highly informative, and inspired and – that´s your personal trade mark – relaxed and humorous.
Michael H. Branch manager near Kiel

Dear Mrs. Hardt,
Your seminar was highly interesting and very well laid out with the snippets of (short?) films. As I had cancer, the scientific evidence made me realise a few things. Had I been to your lecture earlier I would not have submitted myself to radiation treatment, better still I would not have fallen ill in the first place. There was lots of information which I has sink in. I also found your questionaire which I filled in yesterday quite interesting. Many Thanks.
Silvia Kraft, Kraft Utility Vehicles

We are starting immediately with 14 days of no sugar and no cow milk! I have also booked the 12 week program and hope that I can implement everything in spite of the daily stress.
Dr. Katja Zieber, Dentist

Hi, dear Kerstin,
attending your seminar was again of great personal gain for me!! There are so many things one can work on and with your super support one feels in good hands with you!!
Many thanks for that! I am so happy to know you!
A. Stotz

Dear Ms Hardt,
The seminar was simply super! Many thanks. I am still totally enthusiastic about it! I have well understood the explanations and you have explained complex processes with simple examples. It was so enthralling that time flew.
Sabine Schnabel, Personal Assistant

Dear Kerstin,
Many thanks for the amazing seminar. It was a lot of fun and joy for me to listen to you. I could understand everything very well and have gained lots of pointers, which I want to integrate into my daily routine. Above all I am going to change our eating habits immediately.
Wolfgang & Eva Maria H.

Dear Ms Hardt,
I would like to thank you for the wonderful seminar. I liked it a lot. In your natural and fresh presentation you manage to mix serious topics with humour – that was very pleasant and entertaining.
Petra Renno, Personal Assistant

Dear Ms Hardt,
many thanks for the super interesting Seminar. I haven´t regretted it for a minute to have joined. Right this morning we will have the right breakfast. My partner as well as myself have drunk only still water today.
Rainer Hasenbach, Dentist

Dear Kerstin,
Many heartfelt thanks for your great performance. The seminar was wonderful and we enjoyed it very much.
Galina Goldammer, SAP Consultant