The Tribute of Life

Everyday we all encounter limitations – mental limitations or physical limitations. But
where do those limitations come from? And why do even successful people
struggle with their personal blockages?

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„electrifying, motivating, lasting“
Kerstin Hardt

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„She has healing hands“
Dr. Bianka Carstens

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„the best-known health expert in Germany“
Kerstin Hardt

Become inspired and motivated by the two high-level coaches Kerstin Hardt and Dr. Bianka Carstens. Expand your personal field of success and happiness.

The intense seminar „Tribute of Life“ takes you on a journey of discovery to your innermost blockages – conscious and subconscious – and to those blockages which have been created through external circumstances. A journey where you will get to know different solutions.

Speaker & High-level coaches

Kerstin Hardt

Kerstin Hardt studied sports and nutrition and did numerous mental trainings. For more than 15 years she has been one of the most successful health coaches in Germany.

She offers striking insights to her audience into the power of correct nutrition as the optimal basis of an „unlimited, active and slim“ life.

Her second topic is the elimination of stress which is proven to trigger 90% of all diseases. „Prevention is an absolute must“, she demands. She not only unmasks personal stress triggers but also demonstrates effective techniques to prevent and balance out stress.

„With the help of closely tailored mental training everybody can use his or her potential much more effectively,“ she says. Her method includes the most recent research results in the areas of neurobiology, epigenetics brain research and quantum physics.

Dr. Bianca Carstens

Natural practitioner, veterinarian, academic and coach. She runs internationally renowned practices where she treats human and animal patients. Applying the holistic method of Qi-Reset she opens up new opportunities to an improved life for her patients.

Do you also know the vague, undefined feeling that something is holding you back, something limiting you? Without being able to figure out what it is?

„Blockages limit the development of life“, says Dr. Bianka Carstens. Prevention on all levels of physical and mental health are a strong basis for an active life. Nevertheless each and everyone carries within us blockages which prevent the full development of ones vitality and spiritual potential.

Blockages are sometimes hidden and tucked away by the most diverse mechanisms of self protection. Through the unique method of Qi-Reset and Equine Response developed by Dr. Bianka Carstens you will not only experience profound changes in your aura but this coaching method will also mirror these changes back to you. In accordance with Albert Einstein you won´t just be coming to terms with your past, but will also imminently influence your future.

„Your journey starts with the first step“

(Bianka Carstens/Kerstin Hardt)

Right at the start of the seminar on Friday afternoon you will experience the fascination of horses at the Heidehof Wolfsgrund. These animals react very sensitively to humans while constantly checking their reliability, seriousness, loyalty and qualities as a leader. It is non verbal communication on the highest level! But they also provide you with honest and incorruptible feedback.

Dr. Bianka Carstens will take you on a journey to your new possibilities which are far beyond your current comfort zone.

You will be surprised at the fascinating way your blockages will be dissolved on all kinds of different levels.

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This seminar offers you a unique experience of success. You will feel it when you say good bye to your „four-legged“ coaches on Sunday evening, but also when you go home feeling a new freedom and an increased awareness of life.

Are you ready for your quantum leap to the next level?

Your first step starts here

Seminar 28.-30. Oct. 2016
Limited availability – early booking required