Personal Coaching

Nothing can be more individual

There is nothing which is as personal and individual as personal coaching. Since 1999 Kerstin has been coaching leaders of all walks of life, as well as stressed and sick people.
Her profound knowledge and longterm experience make her coaching a holistic and unique experience.
Nutrition, physical activity, mental training and relaxation are the building blocks which solve almost every problem. Before every coaching an extensive anamnesis is established which takes about 2 hours.

Possible tasks:

  • Optimisation of the physical and mental performance of leading personalities and managers.
  • Improvement of the personal energy level.
  • Prevention! Prevent before it is too late, in order to stay healthy and fit in the long term.
  • Reaching your desired weight. Activate your lipometabolism and stop counting calories.
  • Rehabilitation after a heart attack and cancer.
  • Nutritional changes if you suffer from diabetes type 1 and type 2
  • Holistic improvement of your immune system after illnesses
  • Targeted trainings and Nutrition schedules

And one more very personal thing for women!

If you don´t want to look like men, don´t train like them.

Women must train differently from men!
Kerstin Hardt never works with her female clients with weights! In her training program for women they only use their body weight. The result: a slim, wiry and fit body.

Kerstin Hardt has developed special exercises involving the whole body which are extremely effective, activating 90% of the muscles at the same time. This saves a lot of time and is enormously successful.

Please note:
Health coaching of this kind will not reimbursed by health insurance!