Kerstin Hardt is an expert in physical and mental performance optimisation.

Whether you are looking for a captivating lecture for your congress, or want to offer a motivating seminar to your staff: Kerstin Hardt is humorous, lively and authentic
This health and motivation trainer will move you with her words and her long experience. It is fun to listen to her as she is able to present the most complicated facts in a simple and humorous way.
Her professionalism, serious strategies, profound knowledge and her unique charisma make her lectures and seminars a highlight of a very special kind.

See for yourself!

In order to make your company successful you need motivated employees with a sense of responsibility to build a strong foundation.
The health and vitality of your staff are a decisive factor in this.

The Health Matrix

What makes a company healthy, attractive and lasting?

Strong brands and companies touch, win and move their staff as well as their customers.
Enterprises like Porsche, BMW, Trigema and Rossmann seem to have captured the secret recipe for long lasting success. What do they do better than their competitors in the marketplace?

What is behind the relentless ascent of AIDA cruises, Red Bull or Warner Bros. Entertainment? Why is sick leave rare in these companies, why is staff turnover rates surprisingly low?

Entrepreneurial challenges have changed drastically in the last years. A healthy and strong company needs extraordinary leadership methods.

The internationally renowned health expert Kerstin Hardt has found the formula for a lasting, positive entrepreneurial balance. In her lectures she takes you step by step through the strategies which will improve the performance and job satisfaction of your employees on a long term basis. The consequences: above average customer satisfaction and a distinct increase in your revenue.

The Tribute of Mind

Reality is negotiable

Everybody has unlimited mental potential, but only a few can put it to good use. It is not only competitive athletes who can reach „unreachable“ goals and surmount seemingly unsurmountable obstacles. With the right mental techniques, you can do that too – if you have the right tools.

The speaker and successful entrepreneur Kerstin Hardt will show you in her lectures how average managers and companies can change to become veritable top players – no matter what their field of activity.

Supported by inspiring case studies this lecture shows:

  • how everybody can improve creativity and perseverance with simple but effective techniques
  • why people who are afraid of failure and blows of fate miss the best opportunities of their lives.
  • how successful dynamic managers and companies  profit already from the Hardt-Method.

The Power Matrix

How Esperiences influence our genes.

Attention: This lecture will change your entire belief system concerning the consequences of your thoughts forever.

What we think and feel influences each and every cell in our body – and thus our success or failure.

Kerstin Hardt in this extraordinary, provocative and polarising Lecture unveils scientific findings about the bio-chemistry of our body and shows how our entire thinking processes as well as our emotions affects every one of our cells.

The result is up to you. From this moment on you can influence the code of your personal reality and environment. An insight that will radically change your life.

The Body Matrix

slim, sexy, desirable

Everybody wants it, everybody needs it, too few possess it: A healthy, slim and resilient body.

The desire to always feel perfectly well in your body more often than not goes together with the conviction that this is very difficult to achieve.

Kerstin Hardt knows the solution and charmingly and in a very uncomplicated way reveals in her lecture how you finally can get the body you are longing for and how you can feel well 24/7.

See for yourself. Kerstin Hardt lives up to her promises and you can see it just by looking at her.

With her inimitable charming, dynamic style, her enthralling rhetoric and her vivid examples, the top-100-speaker succeeds in making even the most complex context look simple and easily understandable.

Everybody can apply the Hardt-Method – you too. Just listen and get started.

With her inimitable charming, dynamic style, her enthralling rhetoric and her vivid examples, the top-100-speaker succeeds in making even the most complex context look simple and easily understandable.

That’s what customers say about Kerstin Hardt

A very successful and lasting seminar. Hours of information and entertainment. We are still talking today about the event and the insights we gained. Much has changed since; everybody is paying more attention to his or her nutrition and health.
Kirsch und Jäger Accountants

Dynamic, lively and stimulating, that´s how we experienced Kerstin Hardt at our event with 64 Sales representatives and managers. Mrs. Hardt has excelled in showing us how entertainingly you can present the truth.The ensuing discussions among the participants show that her lecture has stirred a lot of thought.
Katharina Hanisch, Regional General ManagerAOK Plus – The health insurance for Saxony and Thuringia.

You have quite roughed up our team, Once more a heartfelt thank you for your successful lecture. We are hooked!
Reinhardt W. Tegethoff, Hotel Manager – Best Western Delta Park Hotel

You are the best health coach I know. Authentic, always cheerful and most professional.
Martin Schütz, Managing Director Investment Banking – JP Morgan

Once more we would like to thank you for your support at the fist Info-event on the occasion of the „Smart Frankfurt City Triathlon powered by Gesundheit“, July 2012, at the Klinikum Frankfurt Höchst. With your interesting lecture on the subject of „Health, Sports Nutrition and mental Training“ as well as your professional attitude you not only gave the participants of the event many valuable hints concerning the preparation of the Frankfurt City Thriatlon, but you also presented yourself as a competent health coach. We wish you every success and are looking forward to a constructive cooperation.
Dr. med. Harald Hake – Head of Department, Klinikum Höchst

A super performance! To captivate the attention of children for such a long time – this is not easy at all. Often the children start to fidget already after a few minutes. Not so at the Hessian health games in Obertshausen. We thank Mrs. Hardt and her practical, inventive and original lecture for that.
AOK – Health Insurance in Hesse

You combine authenticity and joy of life with well founded competence. This combination has inspired our staff. A very good lecture
Jürgen Vogelsang – MCG Medical Consulting Group Gesellschaft für Medizinberatung

Your charisma has inspired me. Your lecture was the best at the Strategy Forum. In spite of the fact that your topic was not easy you have succeeded in elating your audience.
Koblmueller Andrea, president, Professor – University Vienna

She is one of the best in her profession. Her lectures and seminars are a firework of inspiration, competence and authenticity.
Willem Jan Rote, Pepsi Deutschland

Health cannot be more efficient and professional.
Jan van Nieuwenhuizen, Member of the Board – Morgan Stanley

You can test Kerstin Hardt which ever way you want, she knows an uncanny amount about the body – far beyond allopathic medicine. To meet her is a great pleasure as she is a warmhearted, positive and cheerful person, who cares about others and is ready to help. She is a very professional coach.
Andreas Zimmer, managing director – Zimmer + Rohde & Ado Goldkante

There isn´t much you can say about K.H. Except that there is none better.
Michael Magotsch, Lawyer – International Law Practice DLA Piper